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Open access makes published academic research freely and permanently available online at no cost, allowing anyone, anywhere to read and build on this research in a variety of scientific and technological disciplines.

Doctors, students, professors, research scholars, and academicians are invited to submit original manuscripts that will be reviewed for quality before being accepted for publication. The publisher will promote the published articles across the internet using various social media platforms. Publishing open access can provide numerous advantages, including the ability for your valuable research to reach a larger audience and have a greater impact.

International Journal of Agriculture, Engineering Technology and Social Sciences strongly promotes scientific advancement and fortification in the scientific research community by increasing access to peer-reviewed scientific literature.

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Improve the discoverability and utility of your research; Are fully peer reviewed and have a high visibility; Are freely accessible, read, and downloaded online by anyone; Distribute your work to anyone, anywhere.

Agriculture Engineering Social Sciences
Water-wise gardening Robotic and Automation Engineering Archaeology & Anthropology
Pesticides & Insecticides Civil and Chemical Engineering Demography & History
Organic Food & Farming Artificial Intelligence Law, Sociology
Ecology Architectural Engineering Geography & Finance
Crop Domestication & Modification Concrete Structures Ethnology
Legume, cereals Design and Manufacturing Art History
Green Revolution Lubrication Palaeontology
Plantation & Root crops Biomaterials Human Osteology
Agricultural Engineering & Biodiversity Ferroelectrics Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Conventional agriculture Wind Engineering Political Science
Transgenic Crop Superconductors Psychology
Agricultural Health Study Tunnel Engineering Criminology
Land Use Restoration Polymers Accountability
Dry Land Farming Material Engineering International Relations
Livestock Nanomaterials Cultural awareness
Food chemistry Hydraulic Engineering Population Studies
Pollinated Crops Fire Engineering Women's Studies
Food Science Thermodynamics Literature
Molecular Nutrition Applied catalysis Philosophy
Functional Food Molecular Stimulation MIS/CIS